Il y a quelques mois, des rumeurs laissaient croire que la fameuse compagnie de caméras portatives, GoPro se lancerait dans le 3D! Eh bien c’est confirmé! GoPro lancera son modèle 3D et en fera l’annonce officiel au cours des prochains mois! Une chose est sur, c’est que ça ne sera pas donné!

Few months ago, some rumors about a release of a 3D model from the famous portable camera company, GoPro were found on internet. And it’s true! GoPro is launching a new 3D model! They are gonna make an official release during the next months. One thing is certain…that it will not be cheap!

UPDATE: GoPro a confirmé aujourd’hui la production d’un modèle 3D!
GoPro has confirmed today the production of a 3D model!

Voici l’article paru sur Gizmodo!
Here is the article saw on Gizmodo!

GoPro makes my favorite sports cams. The 1080p cameras are getting optional LCD screens and battery packs, but the real news is this double camera housing kit that syncs the two cameras for 3D. Love it.

I saw a video. It looks great. I can’t imagine a future where we’re not doing all our sports videos in 3D. This kit is a great start for someone who already has a set of GoPro cameras, but I can’t help but think this is an interim step.

The camera kit isn’t small, and you do need to already own the top of the line cameras—two of them. And you need SD cards in both and to charge both and to buy this kit. And then to use software to knit the video together. The result is amazing, but the package is bulky and one day I hope GoPro makes a single camera that can handle 3D without needing two of everything to do it.

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