Le Team Morewood United Ride devient le Hutchinson United Ride et annonce son alignement pour la saison 2012! Avec l’annonce des Atherton et de Beaumont sur GT il y a quelques semaines, ont se demandait où Mick Hannah allait bien se retrouver. Eh bien c’est avec Morewood et le Hutchinson United Ride!

Starting out as a conversation in the Morewood Bikes’ factory some years ago, the United Ride team was created and has come a long way since then. A diverse race team with riders hailing from France, South Africa and now Australia. For the 2012 season United Ride gains some great sponsors and continues to grow the team as we are proud to announce Hutchinson as our title sponsor and the signing of Mick and Tracey Hannah.

Voici ce que Mick Hannah avait à dire: I’m really excited to be joining with United Ride. We have very similar goals for the next 2 years and I feel like with the support of Morewood and Hutchinson and the great atmosphere within the team we can achieve all that we set out to do. I am also very excited about the opportunity to travel and race with Tracey. She is really focused right now and I think that together, along with the rest of the team, we will have a great season! Thanks very much to everyone that’s getting behind us! It’s going to be a great year!

De plus, L’équipe accueille Tracey Hannah, la soeur de Mick, qui se remet à la compétition et le jeune Guillaume Cauvin, 3e au dernier Championnat Du Monde Junior à Champery.

L’équipe 2012 est donc composée de:
-Mick Hannah AUS
-Tracey Hannah AUS
-Fabien Cousinié FRA
-Guillaume Cauvin FRA
-Tim Bentley RSA

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